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Introducing The Get Paid$$ Board Game

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The World's Best Money-Based Kid's Board Game

Financial literacy starts with a solid foundation. That foundation starts with understanding the history of money. Each stage of the history of money has come with unique ways to trade for goods, services & money.

Helping your child understand this process builds their confidence and gives them a basic understanding of how money works. Our board game covers what existed before paper dollars, debit cards, CashApp, and PayPal, and new money and digital assets such as BITCOIN!

Walk your child back through the history of the financial system, challenge their problem-solving skills, and give them the confidence they need to be financially savvy.


Curiosity and interest are critical for long-term financial literacy and wealth. Our board game creates excitement around money and helps your child explore the many different aspects that make it so interesting

Many adults do not recognize the power of money as a tool. Teaching your child the value of money as a tool is an essential step to building their long-term wealth.

Most parents wait until their children are teenagers to discuss financial topics. Don’t wait! The Get Paid$$ board game teaches your kids financial topics they will never learn in school.

(The Money of the Future) Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the way of the future. Our board game provides a powerful introduction to the world’s leading cryptocurrencies. Familiarize your kids with a game that is as informative as it is fun to play!

Enhance your kid’s problem-solving skills with a game that is not only fun but challenging. Your children will learn about profits and losses as they compete with one another to win the game!

The Get Paid$$ board game is so fun to play your children will develop a desire to make money both on and off the board.

Parents love Get Paid$$ because it unhooks kids from their devices and connects them with their parents, family, and friends.

Limited Time Offer $49.99

Now $37

What's Included?

Along with the board game, you also get direct access to our History of Money video. This short cartoon video explains the evolution of money from the barter system to cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

The Game Box Includes:

  • 15" x 15" Board Game
  • 4 Game Pieces
  • 1 Playing Dice
  • 9 Fun Fact Cards
  • Game Instructions

Who Can Play?

Get Paid$$ is perfect for anyone 4 Years Old and Older. They'll love learning about money, and you'll feel great knowing you're building their financial literacy and setting them for a lifetime of successful money management.

How Many Players Are Allowed?

Your kids can enjoy Get Paid$$ with up to 3 of their favorite family members or friends (4 players). With 30 minutes of smart family fun to be had, it's the ideal way to play and educate your kids about money.

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Limited Time Offer $49.99

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What Do Our Customers Say About Get Paid$$?

Meet The Family Behind The Get Paid$$ Board Game

Hello Parents!

We are the Dickersons, Jeff & Thai, and we created a fun learning board game to help encourage parents to teach their kids about money!

We created the Get Paid$$ Board Game to EMPOWER parents to break down generational curses associated with finances.

We have seen and experienced the dangers of not understanding money, and we want to help parents teach their children what they won't be taught in schools.

Many parents want to give their children a head start for their finances but feel clueless about how to do it! That’s where our board game can help.

We give parents and kids a great place to start; with the history of money!

Start building your child’s financial vocabulary with a fun and interactive game they’ll love.

What Happens When Kids Play Our Board Game?

Increased Confidence & Self Esteem

Understanding and Appreciation for Money

Builds On Problem Solving Skills

Desire to Create Their Own Money

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Limited Time Offer $49.99

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